Video 22 Jul

Just go listen to the whole album then everything they’ve done. they are awesome

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Video 21 Jul

my system goes tp to 11, play it loud

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Photo 20 Jul 3 notes Husk on Flickr.

Husk on Flickr.

Photo 20 Jul 2 notes You kill me everytime on Flickr.
Video 20 Jul

one day perhaps

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Video 19 Jul 1 note

Jade with a bit of Sophie from nineteen68 on Vimeo.

Shot entirely on Fuji Instax with a few Polaroids. Put together in Premiere Elements 12

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Video 4 Jul 1 note

Cos its the last day of term yeeaahhhh!!!!

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Video 1 Jul 1 note
Video 30 Jun

Turn it up to 11

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Video 30 Jun

Because listening to music in a language you cant speak is good fun

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