Video 28 Jul

Cheap Plastic Cameras Presents Tia with the Colour Splash


Video 28 Jul

The Photo Booth from nineteen68 on Vimeo.

Ok, its not a cheap plastic camera but its all retro, except he bloody thing took the money and wouldn’t give any photos, grrrr!!!!

more can be seen on the blog

Video 28 Jul

Cheap plastic Cameras Presents - the photobooth


Video 28 Jul

Cheap Plastic Cameras presents - Tia with the Instax 200 from nineteen68 on Vimeo.

Ok, this is the first in a long (hopefully) series of videos of Tia (and a few others) to show what you can do with a little imagination a bit of creativity and a great model.

Most of this blog will now focus ( bad pun) on cheap plastic cameras plus a few vintage pieces. This first video is a tester as there is a technical error in it (its easy to spot) I’m still trying to get used to Premiere Elements so the next videos will be better produced (is that proper grammar?)

more on the blog

Link 27 Jul Cheap plastic Cameras -Tia with the Instax»
Video 25 Jul 1 note

Tillie from Paul Ottey on Vimeo.

Another projector video, this time shot in a fantastic location in Nottingham. Awesome dance skills provided by Tillie, who danced to the track without prior choreography.

Shot on Panasonic GH4, Samyang Cine Lenses, Small HD Monitor
Music Mobygratis Flying Foxes
Location Pit and Pendulum Nottingham
Faffed about with in Premiere

Video 22 Jul

Just go listen to the whole album then everything they’ve done. they are awesome

(Source: Spotify)

Video 21 Jul

my system goes tp to 11, play it loud

(Source: Spotify)

Photo 20 Jul 3 notes Husk on Flickr.

Husk on Flickr.

Photo 20 Jul 2 notes You kill me everytime on Flickr.

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